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Other sites in Tridentum

Other sites in Tridentum

Via Oss Mazzurana /Palazzo Tabarelli

Remains of houses facing on to a secondary street running north-south through the city. Discovered and investigated at the beginning of the 1980s, it will be possible to visit the area at times and in a manner compatible with the activities of the bank in which the site is found.

Piazza Duomo/ Palazzo Crivelli

Remains of the southern city wall and parts of heating systems belonging to an important building.

Via Rosmini/piazza Verzeri

Excavations and research which have not yet concluded have shown there to be remains of a western district of the Roman city. These include a secondary decumanus, rooms belonging to buildings, perhaps public, workshops and a stretch of the city wall with tower.

La Portéla

A stretch of the western city walls and parts of buildings used as laboratories and workshops, which can seen directly from the overlying private courtyard.

Via Rosmini

It is not currently possible to visit the area, containing the remains of a villa extra moenia discovered some time ago in 1958, as it does not comply with safety regulations. A project which provides for the complete reconstruction of the roofing, entrances and visitors’ paths is being prepared. This will see the site take on a role as an important architectural feature of the S. Maria Maggiore district. It is currently closed to the public.

Piazzetta Anfiteatro/Vicolo degli Orbi

Close to the church of S. Pietro, casual discoveries and targeted investigations starting from the 18th century have allowed identification of the amphitheatre, built outside the walls. In a small building in the square, which has recently become public property and underneath which a stretch of the first circle of the amphitheatre was discovered in the 1980s, it is planned to house documentation regarding the performances and games held in ancient Tridentum, also giving the public the opportunity to visit the site.

Vicolo dell'Adige

A stretch around 5 m long of the eastern city walls is conserved in the space underneath Magazzini Europa.

Early Christian church of Doss Trento and the church of S. Apollinare

The remains of the foundations of a church belonging to the earliest phase of Christianity in our region can be seen at the top of the hill, close to the mausoleum built to commemorate Cesare Battisti. The archaeological site will shortly be the object of intervention within the context of work promoted by the municipal administration and designed to enhance the area and re-open it to the public. Similarly, work will also be carried out at the site of the church of S. Apollinare at the foot of the characteristic hill, in the ancient district of Piedicastello. Over and beyond its monumental and artistic interest, the building, with its external face richly decorated with epigraphs, fragments of sculptures and architectural elements from the ancient city of Tridentum, indeed represents a genuine epigraphical museum.